Some Gladstone apartment residents without AC for months

2022-07-09 01:07:35 By : Mr. Toby Tang

Attorney for NFI Management Company say the company is 'doing a wonderful job' managing the apartments

Attorney for NFI Management Company say the company is 'doing a wonderful job' managing the apartments

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Attorney for NFI Management Company say the company is 'doing a wonderful job' managing the apartments

Some Gladstone residents are hot under the collar due to extended periods of time with little or no air conditioning.

Shaquan Fleming, who lives at the Gladstone Meadows complex with her two young daughters ages 5 and 2, said she's been without working air conditioning since April.

"I also work from home, so we're in the heat all day unless we're in this front room," she said.

The front room has a portable air-conditioning unit that Fleming claims the complex only provided after a Gladstone housing inspector intervened. But she said that the portable unit is inadequate.

She showed a picture of her thermostat showing it was 85 degrees inside the apartment.

"I think that they don't really care about us tenants because if they did, we'd have a resolution," Fleming said.

Alan Napoli, Gladstone community development director, said Gladstone Meadows has had 30 broken air-conditioning units.

However, Napoli said all but nine of them have been repaired and the complex has multiple contractors to finish the work.

NFI Management Company, of Overland Park, Kansas, manages the Gladstone Meadows complex.

The Better Business Bureau gives NFI an "F" grade and also noted the company is not accredited.

One complaint on the BBB website about NFI at another property the company manages claims there was a mold problem. The tenant wrote in the complaint, "my child was hospitalized, and they could care less."

Another tenant at Gladstone Meadows told Fleming in a text that she has had no heat or air conditioning since January.

KMBC 9 News spoke to other tenants who declined to give on-camera interviews and also said they've had air-conditioning problems.

"I think they just want our money and we're living here, and we're obligated to pay, and they know we're obligated to pay, so even if we do withhold rent or do something like that, it can always be taken to court," Fleming said.

Kerry Kinkade, an attorney representing NFI said that the company is "doing a wonderful job" managing Gladstone Meadows.

Kinkade said anybody who doesn't have central air conditioning has been given a portable or window unit until the main ones are fixed or replaced.

He did admit Fleming and her family had gone too long without full air conditioning.

After looking into the issue, Kinkade said a contractor has promised to have a new unit up and running on Monday for Fleming's apartment.

Fleming and other tenants said there have been other issues at Gladstone Meadows including flooding and mold.

Napoli said the city has received other complaints about the complex.

A sign outside the Gladstone Meadows office says, "Now Hiring Maintenance."

Fleming said there hasn't been a maintenance worker employed at the complex in the 16 months she's lived there.

Napoli said the Gladstone residential building code does not require air conditioning so there's little the city can do.

However, he said work is being done to fix air-conditioning problems at Gladstone Meadows.

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